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In my installations, paintings and sculptures I work with a broad range of materials from stone, clay, metal,recycle materials, wood to painting and collage, I am constantly experimenting, always looking for the unexpected, the mystery of the unknown. Space and time  are the two main threads of my work.

My art formation was mainly in Rome, Sao Paolo and Paris where I currently live. I tend to work in a very intuitive way. This is due to the impact, conscious or unconscious, that living in different countries and experiencing different cultures has had on me.

I grew up in Colombia and for the past 30 years I’ve been living in various countries of Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East.

I am particularly interested in being part of different artistic projects involving different communities of artists in  sculpture, painting and installations.




- Salon de Sevres 12-21 May 

- Installation Ecole Monnet Debussy /Project with children from the school, January to May

- Distancia y Cercanias, Casa del Chubut Buenos Aires Argentina 28 Mars- 5 Avril.

- Collective exhibition, Espace Saint Michel Condom France July -August.



  • 111 des Arts Paris Marie du 8eme arrondissement. Paris  19th to 27th November.

  • Galerie Loubat, Sevres 1 and 2 October.

  • Open Studio 24 and 25 September

  • Centre d'art et culture de Meudon, 6 September to 2nd October.

  • Dislocations.  Artists books from Global Art Project Collection. Lafayette Public Library . USA.. June to September.

  • Salon des arts Meudonnais 7th to 26th June

  • Atelier la Source de Meudon.4th to 13th February.

  •  Emergence, Salon des Arts de Sevres.  21 th January to 30th Januuary.



16th  to 21st  Les 111 des Arts.    Mairie du 8ème arrondissement de Paris.


-27th to the 31rst Le Salon d'Automne, Champs  Elysees Paris

-11th  Octover to 4th December. Reimagining the Global Village.  Milkwaukke Institute of Art and Design.

-2dn ad 3rd October "Souffle automnal" Galerie Loubat Sevres.

         Summer 2021

Festival "Matuvu" Compagnie  des Oeillets. Ivry/Seine


1rst to the 31th "Echappements Libres"  Compagnie des Oeillets online Exhibition



- Women of Global Art Project  Gallerie Renée Marie Benicia Ca USA


-Sep 5th to October 3rd Crossing Borders Gallerie Jennifer Perlmutter The Bank Lafayette,  CA USA

-Sep 9th to 28th CAC Meudon France 

-Sept 21th to 29th Viviane Art Gallery Paris France

-Sep 26th to 27th Open Studios 


-October 15th to 18th Salon d'Automne Paris France

-October 9th to 15th Fragmentos Casa Cultura San Lorenzo Madrid Spain


-17th to 22th 111 des Arts. Marie VIII arrondissement Paris, France


-16th December to 9th January 2021. Format de Poche. Galerie Abstract Project, Paris, France


-SOLO EXHIBITION, Galerie Abstract Project Paris. 5, Rue des Immeubles-Industriels 75011 Paris.

20th to 30th November  


-111 des arts Mairie du 8ème arrondissement Paris 19-24 Novembre

-Throughtout October/November Galerie Sonia Monti Pari


-"Crossing Borders"  Campo Santo Ghent Belgique

- 10 ans Carrément Signe au Dos. Exposition avec l'Espace Aliés Guinard. Chatilon 

-Salon d'Automne 10-13 October Champs Elysées Paris.

-Salon de Réalités Nouvelles  Parc Floral de Vincennes Paris 19-21Octobre.


"L'art actuel France-Japon".  The National Art Center Tokyo. Japan


"Seoul Art Fair".  Coex Seoul Korea 


-"Salon d'Automne"  Xi'an, China

-"Frontières"  Laboratoire d'Expositions. Paris 

- "Entrevistas Gràficas" Gallery Sonia Monti Paris


"Artist Residency"  Sobo Bade, Senegal. Global Art Project @globalartproject.



 "Where is home" Laboratoire d'expositions.  Paris.


  -Salon d'Automne, Champs Elysées Paris

  - Salon des Réalités Nouvelles. Parc  Floral Paris


- Les 111 des Arts.  Mairie du 8ème. Paris


"Format de poche". Galerie Abstract Project Paris

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